TBG’s TOP things to be thankful for!

Hello beauty lovers! Thanksgiving is right around the corner so we figured we’d let you know the top things we are thankful for here at TBG:


COFFEE! Where would we be without coffee? Hot, iced, blended, we’re thankful for it all!


Hair spray. It’s Florida, folks! We may not be the Windy city, but we are the Hurricane capital (which I think pretty much takes the cake)! Here at TBG, we’re thankful for the ability to have hurricane proof hair.


 Our premiere proTENAJ academy. Students are the future of the beauty industry! We are so grateful to have a part in that.


The big white couch. Countless secrets spilled and tips and tricks shared here. We are super thankful for the big white couch and everyone who was willing to sit on it with us!


Dry Shampoo. Let’s face it…some mornings we just need those extra ten minutes of sleep. Thank you Dry Shampoo for letting us press snooze.


Each other. Here at TBG, we’re not just coworkers, we are a team! And we are beyond thankful for one another.


Stay gorgeous,

TBG Insider