St Patrick’s Day!

Hey Beauty Lovers!

It’s almost St Pattie’s Day! We love the green beer and all the pinching that takes place this time of year! Have you figured out your plans to celebrate? We see ourselves sitting at an Irish pub taking in the sites! Don’t forget to wear your essential green pieces to avoid painful pinches from all of your friends this year! You don’t have to be stuck with the ironic slogan shirt you bought from Target a few years back to get in your green this year! (although we do love Target!) Think outside the box! Try a gorgeous green nail as well as a statement necklace to top off a chic look you put together! We put together a gorgeous lookbook of ideas you can use to get you through this holiday looking classy and fabulous!



1. Dress // 2. Shoes // 3. Earrings // 4. Skirt // 5. China Glaze Polish: Highlight of my Summer  // 6. Clutch: Mud Pie // 7. BareMinerals Eyeshadow: The Winner Is… // 8. Earrings // 9. Top

Remember not to drink too much of that tasty green beer this year, and try new things to express your luck of the Irish! What is YOUR favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day?

Stay Gorgeous,

TBG Insider