Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

We’re getting so, so excited for spring that we totally forgot Easter is almost here! We can’t wait to see what the Easter bunny is going to leave in our baskets this year – we hope some fabulous products!! *hint hint* Even better than the Easter bunny bringing us goodies, however, is the excuse to buy a new outfit! We are so excited to incorporate all the bright, happy colors back into our wardrobes. Check out some of our ideas below for fabulous Easter attire.


1. maxi dress  //  2. dress  //  3. nautical cuffs by Mud Pie  //  4. shirt  //  5. cardigan  //  6. shoes
7. pants  //  8. teal stone bracelet  //  9. flamingo clutch by Mud Pie  //  10. necklace

Happy shopping,

TBG insider